Worcester State LRC

The Learning Resource Center, a prominent building in the heart of the campus, is a multi-use building that houses classrooms, a library, snack bar, and faculty offices.  Since it was built in 1968, the building experienced water infiltration through the building envelope in various locations, causing damage and requiring constant repairs. The building’s vintage and importance to the campus earned it a much needed makeover.

After a lengthy study to explore various options, LPA determined that a new veneer would address the water infiltration as well as update its appearance on campus.  This was accomplished with a new metal panel wall system, installed over the existing brick veneer, along with replacing all windows with a new curtainwall system that was more energy efficient and complemented the metal panel system.  At the same time, LPA renovated the main entrance into the building with a canopy and trellis system that clearly define and establish the main entry and provides visitors with a sense of approach.

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Worcester State University


Worcester, MA

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