Shrewsbury Schools K-12 Study

The Town of Shrewsbury enrollment projections showed a critical need for additional classroom and support spaces beginning in 2000 and extending through 2010. LPA and its consulting engineers visited each school building in the district and produced an inventory of existing conditions which recorded existing site and building expansion/improvement capabilities. Code implications for addition/renovation, cost, scheduling, and several other factors were included in a document which gave the school department a clear understanding of the starting point for any consideration to renovation and/or additions. The complete inventory of existing conditions was presented to a building committee and LPA was authorized to proceed with the second stage of the study which brought forward all viable options for providing additional classroom space throughout the district. Five district wide solutions spanning the full spectrum of renovation and additions through new construction on existing and future school sites were presented to the building committee.  Along with plan graphics, the study included a comparison of the limitations and merits of each design comparing cost, scheduling and phasing implications, impact on the quality of education during construction, and other significant factors to assist the committee with the selection of a solution that best addressed the school department’s objectives within a cost that would be acceptable to the community. Following completion of the K-12 Master Plan, the Town of Shrewsbury selected LPA through a separate designer selection process to begin implementation of the Master Plan with replacement of the high school and renovation of the former high school as a middle school.  Shortly after completion of the new high school and renovated middle school, LPA was again selected by the town to replace the former Sherwood Middle School with a new building.

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