Mountview Middle School

LPA completed an extensive MSBA Feasibility Study of Options for the Mountview Middle School which concluded that a new 800 student middle school building serving grades 6, 7, and 8 was needed.  Alternatives for base repairs, addition /renovations, and new construction were all analyzed to determine the preferred solution with regards to budget, 50-year educational program, and site opportunities.

The educational program features a team-based curriculum that employs classroom clustered design around a common meeting area for each of two teams in each grade.  Sustainable design elements include PV solar panels.  Students will learn in state-of-the art flexible science labs as modeled by MSBA prototypes and utilize short-throw LCD projectors, laptops and tablets.  Sitework included tennis and basketball courts; Babe Ruth baseball, softball, track and soccer fields.

“Aside from being an attractive structure both interior and exterior, the school was designed with large student and staff friendly classrooms with open common areas that support team learning and teaching. The learning spaces for students and staff are bright and airy, with a level of functionality that far surpasses the former Mountview school. I highly recommend Lamoureux Pagano Associates for any large-scale building project.

Darryll McCall, Ed.D, Superintendent
Wachusett Regional School District

  Educational, K-12


Town of Holden


Holden, MA

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