Millbury Federal Credit Union

The Millbury Federal Credit Union headquarters building was significantly expanded following a period of steady growth and success within Central Massachusetts.  After a comprehensive study of its options, MCU approved a plan that tripled the size of its building in an historic section of Millbury.

The design literally consumed the existing building by adding three times the original space while enhancing its street presence and remaining fully functional throughout the term of construction.  The result is a headquarters building that complements other buildings in the historic district while providing both the space and systems required to deliver contemporary financial services.

“It was clear to us from the start that LPA understood the historical significance of what we were trying to accomplish and they had the creative staff capable of completing this task.  Their ability to meet the schedule within budget while reacting to some unique circumstances allowed us to pay attention to our own business and not worry about the construction project.”

Joseph F. Barbato, President and CEO
Millbury Federal Credit Union

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Millbury Federal Credit Union


Worcester, MA

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