Mechanics Hall

Considered one of the world’s finest concert halls built in 1857 by highly skilled tradespeople, Mechanics Hall is one of Worcester’s most significant landmarks and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Part of a long range plan to complete a restoration project begun in 1976, the Capital Improvements incorporate historical restoration design with sensitive integration of modern amenities and code requirements.

Plans for Washburn Hall include carefully researched ceiling reconstruction, period lighting fixtures, and appropriate window treatment.  Updated performance lighting and sound systems are designed to blend with the Great Hall’s impressive original ambience. Exterior restoration included repair and paint to replicate the original surface treatment. Details coordination with specialized consultants and the Mechanics Hall Property Committee and Staff resulted in extensive working drawings and specifications tailored to this unique project.

Originally used for service access, the Promenade is now a heavily traveled corridor connecting two streets. Using period design references in woodwork, ceiling details and display cases, the Promenade now provides a seamless link through the building.  Also upgraded were the Dickens Room as a valuable auxiliary space to the Great Hall as well as the Green Room and catering facilities.

“We have been impressed with their insight and sensitivity in planning such work on a significant historic building with the result of not only preserving the elegance of this unique structure, but also enabling extensive use by the community.”

Erwin H. Miller

Former Board President

  Performing Arts, Preservation & Renovation


Worcester County Mechanics Association


Worcester, MA

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