Leominster High School Add/Reno

LPA was selected as the architect for the 296,000 square foot addition and renovations to Leominster High School.  The high school, which was built 50 years ago, was upgraded with a new heating system, lighting, air conditioning, energy-saving windows, tile floors, ceilings and a new science laboratory wing.

Using a Chapter 149A CM at Risk delivery method, the work was phased to allow the building to remain occupied during construction.  Sustainability goals were achieved through Massachusetts Collaborative for High Performance Schools (MA-CHPS) accreditation.

“The science labs are outstanding, first-rate, first-class, and this kind of construction, an occupied renovation, is one of the hardest.”

Jack McCarthy, Executive Director

Massachusetts School Building Authority

  Educational, K-12


City of Leominster


Leominster, MA

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