Worcester Urban Redevelopment

LPA worked as a consultant to BSC Group, Inc. (BSC) to provide an evaluation study as an initial phase of the City of Worcester’s Urban Redevelopment Project (URP).  LPA’s role was to provide an initial field assessment of the proposed buildings’ denoted occupancy, existing conditions and historical merit. The primary areas reviewed within the Theater District included the Wyman Gordon property, Seven-Hill Plaza, the lower end of Pleasant Street, and covered approximately 170 buildings.  LPA also completed a building-by-building assessment of all the structures in the proposed URP area and collaborated with BSC to promote the expansion of the proposed district.

The information LPA provided as part of the full scope of work for this project will enable the City of Worcester to prioritize a master plan for use in acquiring eligible funding.

Services provided:

  • Building Evaluation Study for the Urban Redevelopment of Worcester’s Theater District
  • Building-by building assessment of all structures within the URP area, inclusive of approximately 170 buildings
  • Review for use, conditions assessment and historical merit
  • Recommend expansion of proposed district included within the URP area

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Project Description: Building Evaluation Study

Completion Date: 2015

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