Holden Public Safety Facility

Lamoureux Pagano was selected as the OPM for the new Holden Public Safety Complex to provide OPM services, and to work with a town official as the on-site representative, Clerk of the Works. In our role we coordinated and provided the project design reviews, budget, schedule reviews and coordination. As part of the process, many alternatives were reviewed and implemented into the design, providing significant benefits to the project and at considerable savings. LPA coordinated and worked harmoniously with the town’s representative, as well as the architect and the contractor to provide a better coordinated and seamless process.

Services provided:

  • Project design review
  • Budget review
  • Schedule review/coordination
  • Value engineering
  • Commissioning

Significant LPA contributions include:

  • Design document review resulted in site revisions saving the owner $250,000

Project Description: New Holden Public Safety Facility
Area: 36,100 square feet
Project Cost: $15,500,000.00
Completion Date: 2010
Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc. (KBA)

“The decision to engage LPA as part of our project management strategy was integral to our success. Having an architectural firm serve as a key component of our PM team, in partnership with our design team, ensured we developed quality construction documents. The result was project change orders of below 3% of construction costs. The financial and project reporting provided by LPA left the building committee well informed. The involvement of LPA, with the Town’s On-Site PM/Clerk, in dispute mitigation helped to promote a collaborative environment with the contractor keeping the focus on a successful project for all parties involved.”

Chris Lucchesi, Chairman
Holden Public Safety Building Committee

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