Owner Project Management

Owner Project Management Services


As a natural extension of our experience and approach to service, we offer Owner Project Management to both the public and private sectors.  In that role, we provide the highest level of client representation from design through occupancy of the completed work.  As the OPM, we assume the role of representing the owner’s best interests throughout the process by providing expert oversight of every stage of the design and construction process.

For every project, we offer a team of in-house registered architects, construction professionals, and support personnel experienced with a wide range of building types from small renovations through large new structures. Our team is experienced with developing and maintaining schedules, managing the budget, and careful oversight of the building design and construction.

In the role of OPM our vast and diverse design and construction experience is a significant benefit to our clients.  Our ability to evaluate program objectives, site constraints, and preliminary design proposals can lead to identification and correction of problems before the owner commits to more advanced levels of design and construction.  In our experience most budget and schedule failures have their origins in the earliest phases of the design process.

Our goal in providing OPM services is to assure a cooperative working relationship among owner, architect and contractor to maintain schedules and budgets, produce a responsive design, and protect the owner’s interest throughout the construction process.

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